I'm a Florida native that loves espresso, fitness and laughing.

Doin' It and Doin' it Well

I’ve always identified myself (first and foremost) as a designer, but my designer role has evolved since I first began this journey circa 2005.

As as "designer" (and I describe this loosely nowadays) I don’t just “make things pretty” anymore… I have to interpret, grab important sensible pieces and re-construct your idea (that you just pitched to me over the last hour meeting with fifty punchy titles and slogans), into an easy-to-digest format that people will care about.

That requires some thinking… 

As a designer -- or shall I say, as a marketer/storyteller/copywriter -- my responsibility is to communicate. Whether that be telling a story or guiding a customer through a journey, my end goal is to make sure the customer gets to where they need to with as little friction as possible.

Easier said than done.

Over the past few years, I’ve had the pleasure of working with successful marketers who’ve shown me how to design with urgency and make big things happen, finding innovative ways to test ourselves to conversion levels and really open my mind as to how far I can push my talents.

I thrive on accomplishment, so you may find me working on how to improve processes, making checklists or how-to guides on how to replicate successful asset creation, doodling wireframes for the next big funnel or testing assets for small, effective tweaks that lead to big results.

On my downtime, I love to participate in 5Ks (although, I’m not the fastest runner, I will invite you to a FitBit challenge!), cook, and watch the Harry Potter series.

3 Things You MUST Know About Me

I Like to Laugh
I love a little giggle. Whether it be copy or a cute sketch of an idea -- I always try to find ways to have fun with my design pieces.
Done is Better Than Perfect
Yes, I would spend the extra 2 minutes to go and italicize that one word, but I also know that a deadline needs to be met.
I'm Handsy
I like to be involved in the process as much as possible and I'm not afraid to get my hands dirty when I'm needed. 

Products I'm Familiar With

What's Happening

Scott Edwards Racing

My dear friend, Scott, came to me about a great opportunity for a buddy of his. His friend, Scott Edwards, is a race car driver and participating in the upcoming Lucas Oil 200 race. They were just chatting and came up with the great idea for fans to become the sponsors. So, they created a […]

Conversion XL Conference

Horseshoe Bay, TX April 1, 2016 ConversionXL was a 3-Day, Single-Track CRO Conference Day 1 People, Brains and Psychology Day 2 Optimization and Testing Strategies + Processes Day 3 Analytics, Personalization and Retention I wish I had more pictures from this event, because I had a ton of fun and brought back info to share […]
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